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A recent study has found that there are two types of men in today's society - the man of the family and the family oriented man. So, what's the difference? The man of the family is the breadwinner and the one who makes all of the decisions. He is the head of the household and is responsible for everything that goes on. On the other hand, the family oriented man is more concerned with being a good husband and father.

What is the difference between a man of the family and a family oriented man?

A man of the family is the head of the household, responsible for providing for and protecting his loved ones. A family oriented man is a man who puts his family first and foremost in his life, making decisions that benefit them above all else.

Though both types of men place a high importance on their families, they differ in how they prioritize their time and energy. A man of the family may work long hours to provide for his family, but he makes sure to spend quality time with them when he can. A family oriented man puts his family first at all times, even if it means making sacrifices in other areas of his life.

Ultimately, both types of men are admirable and essential to a happy and healthy home life. It is up to each individual man to decide what kind of husband and father he wants to be.

The role of a man of the family: provider, protector and breadwinner.

Image by yanalya on Freepik
Image by yanalya on Freepik

A man’s role in the family has changed over time. In the past, a man’s role was to be the provider and protector of the family. Today, a man’s role is more flexible and can include being a provider, protector, and breadwinner. A man’s role in the family is important and should be considered when making decisions about the family.

The role of a man as a provider.

As a provider, a man s job is to provide for his family financially. He may work outside the home or inside the home. Both jobs are important and can be challenging.

The role of a man as a protector.

In a world where the traditional family unit is no longer the norm, it's important to consider the role of a man as a protector. For many men, this role is one that is taken seriously and one that they take great pride in.

A man's role as protector is not just about physical strength or being able to provide financially. It's also about emotional strength and being there for his family when they need him most. It's about being a good father and husband, and setting a positive example for other members of his family.

While the traditional roles of men and women have changed over time, the role of a man as a protector is still an important one. In many ways, it's more important than ever.

The role of a man as a breadwinner.

In today's society, the role of a man as a breadwinner is changing. In the past, men were the primary breadwinners and their wives stayed at home to care for the children. However, with more women entering the workforce, the roles are reversed. Men are now staying at home to care for their families while their wives work. This change has been beneficial for families as it allows both parents to spend more time with their children.

Despite this change, some men still feel that it is their responsibility to be the primary breadwinner. They may feel that they are not fulfilling their role as a man if they are not bringing in the majority of the income. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and can be detrimental to their mental health.

The role of a family oriented man: carer, communicator and collaborator.

Image by drobotdean on Freepik
Image by drobotdean on Freepik

In a world where the traditional family unit is under pressure like never before, it's more important than ever for men to step up and be the best they can be for their loved ones. But what does that actually mean?

A family oriented man is someone who takes an active role in the care of his loved ones, both emotionally and physically. He is a good communicator, able to express himself clearly and calmly in all situations. He is also a good collaborator, willing to work with others towards common goals.

Being a family man isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it. The rewards of seeing your loved ones happy and healthy are immeasurable. So if you're ready to step up and take on the challenge, remember: carer, communicator and collaborator are the key words to success.

Which one is better?

The man of the family is the type of guy who is always looking out for his own interests. He’s not necessarily a bad guy, but he’s not going to be the best husband or father. He’s more interested in his career and making money than he is in spending time with his family.

The family oriented man is different. He’s the type of guy who puts his family first. He’s a great husband and father because he understands that his role in the family is to support and care for them.


A man's role in the family has changed drastically over the past few generations. Men are now more involved in the day-to-day lives of their children and are more likely to be stay-at-home dads. While some men may view this as a positive change, others feel like they have lost their identity.

The traditional view of a man as the head of the household is no longer the norm, and some men feel like they are struggling to keep up. They are expected to be emotionally available for their families, but also be the breadwinner. This can be a lot of pressure for men who are used to being the provider.

While it is important for men to be involved in their families, they also need to find time for themselves. It is okay for men to take some time out for themselves and do things that make them happy.

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